Monday, August 24, 2009

The advantages and disadvantages living in Phnom Penh city

The advantages and disadvantages living in Phnom Penh city

There are many countries in the world and other country always has their own capital city, where the place that people can know and understand is the name city of their own country. And the place that collects and mixes of many modern and interesting things together, like technology community center, Economic center, Business center, and modern lifestyle ...etch. Although Cambodian all so has own capital city to, and call Phnom Penh.
What the Phnom Penh city? How about the lifestyle of Cambodian people? What are the advantages and disadvantages living in Phnom Penh city?
Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodian. In there, there are many interesting places like Royal palace, national museum... and modern place.
There are enough educational systems like public schools, private schools or universities, and you can choose good and solvable time for you. There are many of library in school, public library, and national library, where there are many idioms and all kind of books that you can read and learn by yourself. For communication you can use mobile phone and public telephone and another special way we can community with other people or other place inside or outside the country by e-mail and you can get knowledge and hot news allover the world from internet.
Living in Phnom Penh city people can use their knowledge, their ability and experience to get a good job with a high salary. There are enough electricity and clean water to use. To satisfy basic needs and wants there are a lot of super markets, shopping centers, book shops ... where you can buy every thing like food, modern things wonderful clothes, books... else.
However, living in city will have a lot of competition life to satisfy their business and fulfill their stomachs. In the city has a lot of high buildings and the traffic in the city is so crowded, noise and all so pollutions because of traffic jam nearly everyday, so all of those made the weather in the city doesn’t have fresh air. Living in the city every thing it costs a lot of money. You need to give out a computed share your earn for everything around you for example electricity water transports...else. And anther way in the city has many of casinos nightclub bar extra, cause of that place easy to make negative externality for teen-age to go wrong way and give back many bad problems result to society.
After we’ve learnt and studied about this topic, it has made us knew and understood, that (Phnom Penh) is the name of capital city in Cambodia. We can get more information about some places in the country, and also easy to understand how difficulty living in the city.
Finally, we can say, in this world all things always have advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Although, living in the city you can get more advantages and get new idea for develop yourself, but we also have accepted disadvantages. Moreover, if you want to choose living in the city, you will get both, advantage and disadvantage at the same time to prepare yourself for the lifestyle that you want.

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